Simple and easy to use client and goal manager.

What is Razpo?

Sales is not only a lifestyle, it's also where science meets art. In sales, one is only as strong as Today's results. Razpo empowers sales professionals worldwide by providing the right tools to stay on top of their game. Individually or together, we will risk everything and will do anything to reach our goals and live out our dreams. No matter what is happening in each of our lives, day after day, we prove ourselves and fight for our families. While we meet with our opportunity, Razpo helps us stay on top.

Track and achieve your sales goals

Easily set sales goals for the week, month or year. For each of your goals, Razpo, generates steps including due dates to stay on top of your goal. During every step you will receive notifications as Razpo tracks your progress. Include pictures or notes to keep you motivated at all times. As you achieve your goals use visual graphs to analyze and compare how good you are doing.

Manage your deals and clients

Keep track of all of your sales opportunities. Razpo manages all of your deals and clients. Whether there is a deal, no deal, or a cancellation. You can rest assured knowing that all of your clients and deals are always accessible. A lost opportunity today can become and a great deal tomorrow. No more lost opportunities. No more messy paperwork! You can even export your data to excel!

Compete in sales with other people

With Razpo you can create or join sales groups with other motivated sales professionals, whether you are a sales manager, sales associate, or independent agent. Challenge your peers as you compete to achieve set sales goals and keep you engaged with company standards!

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